Did you know?

Interesting things about the Macadamia Nut.
A macadamia nut tree has to be between 8 and 10 years old to product the first commercial crop.
The dehydrated macadamia nut keeps forever in the freezer, because she contains no water.

The macadamia nut contains lots of iron, zinc and selenium.

The macadamia nut contains no cholesterol, and is high in energy.

A lot of people think it is the best tasting nut in the world.

The macadamia nut can reduce your chance of hear disease by 50% when you eat 10 to 15 nuts per day.

The macadamia nut has a soft oil, so it keeps your cholesterol level down.

The macadamia nut is the hardest nut to crack, and the most expensive to process.

The natural nut gives your pesto a really nice flavour.

That it needs a minimum of 6 working steps before we can offer you our products.

The macadamia nut doesn't like air and light, and that is the reason why we pack our products in sealed polyprop foil bags.

The macadamia nut has to be dried for a month in a dehydrator before they can be cracked out.

You can use the shells for nice Christmas decorations or even in your driveway.